Testimonial on Cholesterol


Just what you were looking for an alternative solution for high cholesterol & triglycerides.  My name is Gerald. I’m not a Doctor nor a health care practitioner.  I`m Just like you are perhaps  searching for a solution for health issues. I tried  many cholesterol lowering  drugs for the past 11 years and needed to withdraw slowly with the guidance and  advice of my health care practitioner about  prescription statin drugs. I needed to find an alternative and all natural solution and I did!

I searched the internet for a solution for many weeks and found this website, that I like to share with you  (Health, Fitness, Longevity) I read all the reviews also the clinically tested  double blinded, placebo test study  that address this issue of high cholesterol & triglycerides  with 10 different synergistic  clinically tested patented  ingredients that you can you read on their supplement fact sheet.

Here is a brief summary  that made me search on the internet for options.

My Doctor prescribed me a Statin drug called Lipitor . I try for about 3 weeks ,that didn’t work, I felt cramps and muscle pain, a common  side-effect of using the statin drug  .The Doctor changed the prescription to Crestor and had the same re-action .I stopped  taking the statin drug. That’s  when , I needed to do and wanted to fine a product that did both ,lower Triglycerides and Cholesterol by addressing both of these issues. I did what everyone dose, search the internet for many hours, and days and weeks. I found this website (clinically tested.) and on their site they had what is called (Cholesterol, Heart Health.) I click on the  Heart Health icon and read the product page called Choleslo also read  (ingredients )Supplement Facts

and clinical studies and the benefits → especially the benefits.

I order the product ,I received it in about 1 week to 10 days later.  I did the protocol  for 3 months, even when they say you will see positive results in 30 days. I believe it would work  and it did .Had blood works done and I received the results I was very excited with the outcome of the blood test since  all cholesterol and triglycerides dropped  back within the normal range.

Order (Cholesterol,Heat health) called. Choleslo   today and start your journey to better health, fitness and well-being.

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