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Francois Lubbe, Shares His experience with Statin Drugs.

“My cholesterol level is 5.7 do I need statin drugs?”

Every week, my inbox fills up with emails from people who desperately want to know if they must follow their doctor’s advice on taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

Of course, I can’t give individual medical advice but I always say that taking a drug (any drug) is your choice. It is not for any doctor to bully you into taking a drug that you are uncomfortable to take or when your common sense tells you that it is not the right thing to do.

Risks versus benefits
I remember, when I told my doctor nearly 15 years ago that I refuse to take statin drugs to lower my cholesterol… he wanted me to sign an ‘against doctor’s advice’ form… I declined to put my signature on that piece of paper.

I explained to him: No doctor has the legal authority to force me to take a drug that I know is doing my body more harm than good. Not following his advice, in the case of statin drugs, is for the good of my own health.

My decision to stop taking statin drugs was an informed one — based on my personal experience of suffering with the side effects of these drugs, including memory loss, muscle pain and deterioration, migraines and depression.

Like most doctors, mine ignored my complaints about these side effects. Instead, he insisted that all drugs have side effects and that those I was reporting had not been documented as side effects associated with statins.

That was 15 years ago. Back then many of the well-known statin side effects today were not documented. So, I can’t blame my doctor.

However, today it’s a different story.

Numerous studies have linked these drugs to an array of debilitating side effects. Even the lacklustre American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) slapped a warning about the increased risk of type 2 diabetes on statins.

Memory loss, muscle pain, fatigue, liver dysfunction and kidney failure are a few more well-known side effects that are now associated with these drugs.

Why do you think your doctor is supposed to send you for liver and kidney function tests every year when you are taking statin drugs? It’s because these drugs can seriously harm those organs.

In fact, the website states the following: “It is very unusual for a patient to have symptoms of liver damage due to taking statins because if liver function tests are taken occasionally to check the liver enzymes, the problem is never allowed to develop to the stage where symptoms occur.”

This means that your liver is indeed at risk when you take statin drugs… and that your doctor should send you for regular tests to stop the risk from getting out of hand and destroying your health.

Statin drugs have now even been linked to an INCREASED risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks! That’s because these drugs deplete the most important muscle in your body of the essential nutrient CoQ10, to the point that it literally can break your heart.

And the benefits?

Well, one thing is certain, these drugs WILL lower your cholesterol — that’s what they are designed to do.

But cholesterol is not the villain the mainstream is making it out to be. And that is a fact.

Instead it is an essential building block that you’ll find in every cell of your body. It’s essential for the synthesis of hormones and vitamin D and it helps with the formation of memories and normal brain function, to mention but a few of its essential functions.

In short, cholesterol is a natural occurring substance — produced in your liver — that your body NEEDS to function optimally.

So why on earth would anyone want to lower their cholesterol to ridiculously low levels? Especially when low cholesterol levels have been linked to numerous health problems, including decline in cognitive function, depression and suicidal thoughts.

If you have any doubts about taking these drugs, follow your gut instinct. And that’s not because I’m saying so, but simply because evidence is piling up against the so-called benefits of these drugs.

Wishing you the best of health,

Francois Lubbe

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