Frustration! What Say You? Is It Positive Or Negative!

   Frustration! What Say You? Is It Positive Or Negative!

          Yes, I'm a bit overwhelm at this point.                      

Demons of frustration! or are they Really Demons? 

Bear, in mind I’m addressing  my views and opinion as a freelance writer, blogger you should rely on this blog for information purposes only. I’m expressing  a non professional viewpoint.Please do consult with your psychologist  or health-care provider, before acting on any recommendation  contained herein.

                 Say Goodbye, Yes you can  control Frustration!           

Cause and effect  of frustration call it what you want  annoyance, anger ,and aggression, irritation, disappointments, resentment, a complicated divorce it`s all about how you response to mental  and physical challenges.

It’s a psychological surge of adrenaline rush-released in response to a stressful situation a condition of  insurmountable emotion  like road rage for example at rush hour! Hurting someone and putting yourself  in a dangerous situation. Exasperation you’ve reached your limits enough is enough move forward, relax, be in  control of your emotion before you get yourself in serious trouble with the law.It can be a very expensive consequence do you want to risk it! It’s now a criminal offense.

Yes, frustration can be very destructive to your physical and mental health.  Who hasn’t experienced this malaise at one time or another some live it on a daily basis? Taxi drivers and  truckers in the transport industry have to manage frustration constantly while driving the highways of life.

There is no escape from  having some form of frustration this is a part of our psychological makeup  living in a democratic and free society where we faced daily challenges that test us to perform at our best.There is, and there are persons that manage this malaise successfully.How do they do it? First they have a good understanding of the cause and identify it, they  identified and managed their frustration  by changing their attitude and concentrate on the end results.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’re from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”Quote by Madonna.

There`s  not  much said, about the positive effect of having a good strong, healthy dose of frustration. Start with your self-esteem in relation to others  are you committed, trustworthy,  do you take the time to study the cause. Questions your stability do you have good communication skills. Knowing that fact will take you to the next level in understanding your frustration if not, there is help. Make an appointment to see a healthcare professional  such as a psychologist.(Read More).

Some made billions of $ dollars from their frustrated  experience, by challenging and  sharing their effects and they took it to the next level (Exp.) The creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg  took his frustration out on having  this experience a bad date to my knowledge.

He later with his frustration wanted to discredit her all over the  Harvard  university’s campus  network. By asking who was “hot ” and who was “not”  apparently  she was” Not.” I hope he rewarded  her for triggering this reaction that made him one of the richest and influential man in the world by communicating and sharing his frustration that night with his university roommate and friends.

In my opinion, this frustration can be considered a problem–response behavior. Which he was not prepared to accept that night and turned  it into a game that made him and his roommate very rich .

This game happens a lot in university around the country.In my opinion, this is called  the degradation ( for lack of a better word) of individuals. A No!, No! in my books.  No excuses! Sorry Mark that`s my  opinion. I must admit, I thank U for sharing the adventure in your universe with Facebook that we are all addicted to today from the young  teens to the over 60 young and older.

Today, we can and we do benefit from  the social network that he created by sharing our thoughts and  achievement and  pleasures with family and friends, about our passions.It’s called  relationship intimacy that’s a positive  sign of the law of attraction through shared social media. (read more).  About the co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and his success.

Google’s  creators Larry page and Sergey Bin, also had frustrating times in January of 1996 out of the need  to finance their products. The hard time were not easy, but they persevere making Google what it is today.

I predict that Google, if not already considering is teaming  up with well known  upcoming pioneers of space in the next two decade that will be offering  space-travail  to and from the noon and beyond . P.S.  Just a thought.

I believe that a healthy dose of frustration can be a stepping stone in the laws of success. Throughout written history, you will discover that many great men and women have challenged their demons of frustration face to face and succeeded.The Wright Brother proved that frustration and persevered in 1903 with not 1 or 2 but Hundreds of unsuccessful flights.

Today we are exploring the thought of going to Mars and beyond.We did just that. I sure that President Kennedy would be so proud . What an accomplishment for us all today to be part of his dreams in exploring our universe.

Some take the easy way out by saying, (out of sight out of the mind!), the flight or fight response. There should be no excuse for ignorance and egos trips in today’s society.We, all known that this way of thinking and behavior will get you  nowhere  in life missing great opportunities for success.

There is this ( proverb) A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; a miss is as good as a mile.You`ve heard this before; action speaks louder than words. What say you? Is my question?   Do you still feel and see the frustration as a negative emotional reaction?Let the outcome of your action be the judge.

“Procrastination is the thief of time and never will it be just right, never do tomorrow, what you can do today, the best way to get something done is to begin.”Quote by Author Unknown.

Here are some causes and understanding to managing frustration.Yes, you can!

The secret! observe, become proactive it`s that easy.

Here are my suggestion to consider: 

  • Important, first identify the  reason for your frustration.
  • Be honest with yours analyze find and act on the cause don`t dismiss it,  focus and take action.
  •  Not sure, find the answer and ask yourself, what`s in it for you, will you benefit.That`s the question you need to ask.
  • Criticism can be very frustrating  especially, when there is no merit  to criticize your judgment call for change. Positive or Negative Criticism can only build  stronger  character.
  • Is it fear of the unknown that frustrate you? Ask yourself, first, step back observe  the situation are you afraid or scared or maybe you`re just  frightened. Are you anticipating rejection or  disappointment?
  • Could it be  just an uncomfortable  situation like being on call to give an unprepared office meet in the next 5 mins or is it taking responsibility for the unexpected  are you anticipating like I said, earlier   criticism from you peers after the meeting.
  •  Only you can determine the degree  of your frustration, and this is what you can do to answer this question by understanding the cause.Then take control of your emotion.
  • Take a walk outside in the fresh air, enjoy all of  the nature’s beauty around you. Doing this will help  to clear your mind and ease your frustration.
  •  Can, Ignorance and ego be the cause of your frustration? The worst thing is to challenge  someone’s ignorance. You may have heard the saying “hope for the best but expect the worst.” When someone has an ego trip he she is full of himself. Their  vanity will get the best of them, in the long run, can be  describing  a narcissistic  personality disorder.  Because of his her very strong sense of entitlement.
  • Taking advantage of others frustration to achieve his her goals in the end is a good thing .
  • The answer don`t  become a victim of their ambition, observe the intent and motivation behind  their involvement with certain issues, sometimes it’s none of their business. Say, no that’s it is none of their business.
  •  Is it anger? It may be brought on by  degradation or criticism, inappropriate  behavior or inappropriate language from someone.
  • It’s  pretty much an emotional human reaction from the unexpected  that things haven’t gone the way you`d expected.Can also be called belligerence.
  •  Is it a disappointment. The promotion  didn’t go your way as expected you were betrayed by a trusted colleague that voted to the opposite of your expectation.
  • Is it about your communication skills that frustrate you.Here is some advice that will benefit you at this time. Ask yourself do you have the qualifications and the experience and qualities  that make you eligible to perform  in your career choice at this time or do you need to upgrade  your interpersonal skill to qualify.
  • The ability to write well and express yourself verbally  also are you  excellent at gathering and evaluating  the information to resolve problems . do you have the ability to negotiate  with different departments or clientele if need be.

These are just some question and suggestion that will ease the frustration when it come to communication in an employment  environment ask your are you that person, do you really want or need the frustration .

What are employer’s looking to accomplish in an interview? They want  people that have the right attitude and a strong senses self-confidence with leadership abilities that will meet their goals. Knowing this will take you beyond the next level. You pass the first phase of the interview congratulation you can now move forward with the success you showed on your leadership abilities and skills to meet any challenges that are also unpredictable.

  • Is it your environment that frustrate you. It can be a very healthy or unhealthy place, ask yourself. Am I, where I should be, is the workplace environment everything  that I expected it to be, is there a future here that I can build.
  • Is it about meeting new challenges that frustrate you. Challenges are the building blocks that I believe makes  us strong  so that we can meet with confidence these  challenges  having the right mindset and mental attitude to start. These  are  an essential  ingredient to having in order to succeed. It will test our ability to perform  the task  at hand, either big or small  it will determent  your  success. It`s all about your attitude.
  • Do you get very  annoyed  having people around that don`t agree with you? Yes.That’s too bad! They will say the majority rules this will put you in the opposition to be a challenge once more.The argument  will once more need to be debated in an open forum. You can win someone over by having a positive attitude for debate.That’s the challenge involving opposing viewpoints, negotiate with confidence.
  • Do you suffer from road rage?  I, remember having an episode and it just scared the hell out of me, my blood pressure went through the roof. Because of an incompetent driver that had  no respect for others on the road decided to cut me off in a dangerous maneuver. I gave chase, at that moment.I realized that my emotion got the better of me, and that ended my pursuit of the madman.My reaction was not a safe thing to do. I pull over to the curb and called 911 where he was stopped and arrested for D.U.I.( driving under the influence ). Should you experience this aggression stop and call 911.

There is help and support that is available for people that have this problem. It`s called Road, Rage management therapy, talk to your healthcare provider for assistance.Don’t dismiss  it takes  action.

  • Is it because you`re  stressed? Evaluated your stress as a positive, not as a negative emotional  feeling see it as a motivator.You can and you are accountable also responsible for your reaction. It either  makes you or breaks you .it`s all about knowing your level of tolerance to stress.Knowing this will gain you respect and achievement towards your goals. Evaluate your stress level . Take the stress test now (here).
  • Is it a marriage gone bad? Unfortunately relationships in today’s society. Where couples are tested to be at their best day in and day out? Before marriage, couples are always at their best  they compliment each other on  their abilities and  professional  careers  finding no fault. Until once married the emotional storm starts to creep in slowly, disagreements  on how to manage their financial situation could be a cause. Who will be responsible  and mature enough to handle this responsibility? There is also habits that were not apparent  before that now annoy you and find it very disturbing  and troublesome.The answer  communication  is the best way to resolve and understand the issues that annoy you.Start  communicating be proactive.
  • Back in the day women were the care keeper of handling the financial task.They were the one’s left to care and educate the children. Today all this has changed.Why ?  Couples are competing for all kinds of issues.On why it’s not working. We find couples in their fifties and sixties  asking for a divorce  dissolving 45 years of marriage. Sorry to say.That’s the society we live in today we no longer want to work things out just a quick fix. It’s call progress!  Move on they say.
  • Is frustration coming from the bedroom, are you able or unable to perform when her or his  desire calls)?Performance  can be a very serious issue in a couple’s relationship when it comes to having Sex. I said it, yes, sex! Sex, sex! That word not only means sexual  behavior but also means ( He or She), male or female. To share each other`s  passion, while you can still have intimacy and is all about their having love and romance in their hearts.

This is an important issue in a couple life the intimacy the creativity most be at it’s best to enjoy and  celebrate one’s and  another passion called love for each other.. Need help here is a simple ( Product called: ProVanax) a Natural antidepressant that`s very effective used daily.

Now that I got the word sex straighten out. I now can concentrate on adding  to my comment. The word sex was not as liberal as it is today it was at one time a taboo subject.Back in the day women had to cover up their desire or pregnancy that meet that they had sex.Shame on them would be the word of the day.  Even today in some cultures, it is still a common practice to cover up.What a shame ! to hide such a beautiful event when it should be a call for celebration!

  • Can it be about  your  shyness in meeting  people that frustrate you? Can be a bit intimidating  like on your  first date not knowing what to expect, or you’re first very important career job interview, we all have experience this at one time or another. Some of us prefer to keep a low profile.I believe that it is a matter of an individual choice. I prefer keeping a low profile out of shyness in being a crowded place.

I can attribute my uneasiness to my upbringing .where my parents and at school back then in the fifties, teachers also insisted  that children are to seen and not heard.Today we are blessed to see that our children have a voice to express them self  intelligently their needs openly without fear of being  disciplined or reprimanded.

We have the means to encourage them to develop to the best of their ability their talents with the tools they need to accomplish their dreams. We no longer treat them as babies we call them little people now that we send them to pre-kindergarten.

  • It can be about your traveling experience that frustrate you. That is indeed is a subject that can be and is above tolerance level at times, when things go wrong .Customer service can be an issue telling you to be patience. Lost baggage another, boarding delays .cancel flights, an irritating passenger that has no manners.The list can be very long to express  the discontentment of your experience  even at your arrival things can go wrong  causing frustration.Want to know how to cope with these issues?

The first important thing to do is identify the situation, are you in a position to solve the issue on your own, the answer no or yes, Now you need to take control of your emotions. This is very important you must remember that there is a solution  it can be resolved.

Having a positive mental attitude is key to negotiate a settlement and nine times out of ten. It’s to your advantage it can be settled with money or a discount on a returned trip. How ‘s that for an opportunity to prolong your vacation? I believe that many travel agency and airline companies have a strict policy that said, a satisfied and  happy customer is a returning customer. No, if’s or buts make it happen!

Having this return policy attitude can only benefit their  respectability and improve their social standing and reputation for years to come. People do share their experiences good or bad.

I  covered some sensitive and not so sensitive areas of frustration. We can see that there are situation where we also benefit by being especially patient with the right attitude and our ability to control our emotions. “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching”Quote by unknown.

Now after exploring, being exposed to some frustration is a good thing in building confidence, character and motivation without the fear of  being reprimanded. Here is the lesson of the day ” The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing, that you will make one ” Quote By Elbert Hubbard.

Author:  G. Fitz.


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